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MKDC-1 Data Centre Tour

Build History

The facility was completed July 2008 (22nd).
The following are some pictures taken during the build.

Data Centre
Plant Room
Misc (Mixture of pictures)
(November 2007)

Before - This is going to be a data centre!

Before - This is going to be a plant room!

Before - Another shot of the soon to be plant room.
During 1
(March 2008)

During-1 - The 2nd floor has been added and the shell completed. (This is taken from the same angle as above).

During-1 - Plant Room now looks 'slightly' different (This is taken from the same angle as above).

During-1 - Plant Room taken looking back towards roller shutter door (Note incoming power feed to right).
During 2
(April 2008)

During-2 - Computer room air conditioning units arrive (CRAC). The size and quantity of the units reveals the level of cooling we will be able to support which is directly related to the amount of power we can support per rack.

During-2 - External roof mounted dry coolers arrive and the smaller generator (large one will arrive later).

During-2 - External roof mounted dry coolers are positioned on roof.
During 3
(May 2008)

During-3 - CRAC pipe work is installed. Note the pipe size which gives an indication of the capacity of the system. Over £40K just for the pipe work alone!

During-3 - First hole is cut for the generator louvers in the plant room.

During-3 - Raised floor installation starts in data centre.
During 4
(June 2008)

During-4 - Raised floor is completed.

During-4 - Some of the power distribution boards.

During-4 - Pipe work for external roof mounted dry coolers is completed and false roof line is installed to disguise their existence.

After-5 - Server room is complete and the first racks are in place. Fibre connections are in place and we have completed the first phase of testing (successfully).

After-5 - Plant room is fully functional and tested with just a few cosmetic repairs to complete it.

After-5 - Air con systems are commissioned and working with just some minor work to complete them.

After-5 - Server room complete.
Note far rack has fame seeking Welsh technician's head in view.

After-5 - Control room for air con systems. Note: The pipes in centre carry the chilled water (Glycol) from the air units in the data centre below to the dry coolers located on the roof.

After-5 - Server room (without fame seeking Welsh technician).
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