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About Magento:

Hosting for Magento Open Source eCommerce Magento is an open source eCommerce platform developed by Magento Inc.

Magento allows complete control of your online business. Managing all information relating to products, customers, stock, orders and payments.

The Magento community provides a large number of third-party extensions, both free and paid for which extend the functionality of the core product.

PCI Compliant HostingHost-it™ can provide suitable PCI compliant* hosting packages for you to run your Magento website, we can also offer assistance with installing Magento (most don't need this due to our 'Auto-Install' software), or migrating your existing installation to our services.

High Speed Magento Hosting

In addition to our Linux Hosting Packages which can happily run a basic Magento v1 installation, we can also offer highly optimised VPS servers designed from the ground up for outstanding Magento v1 and v2 performance.

To sample the speed difference for yourself please try our demonstration. This is a bare installation of Magento, which has been loaded with 10,000 sample products.

Demo Site 1 - a basic Linux Hosting Package

Demo Site 2 - our optimised VPS based installation

If you are having trouble making your Magento installation run as quickly as it should, contact us for expert advice.

Linux Hosting Plans

Linux Hosting Plans
from £5.24 p/m

Hosting plans for
sites requiring a
Linux / LAMP platform.

View our Linux Hosting Packages, all of which are suitable
for a basic Magento v1 installation.

We can also support Magento v2 on any of our Dedicated Servers or Cloud VPS/VDS services.

If you have an existing Magento installation which you would like to move to us, or if you are having performance issues with your current Magento hosting, please Contact Us.

How easy is it to auto-install Magento on a Host-it™ Hosting Package?

1. Select magento from the list of available applications

Select Magento from the list of software

2. Complete the setup information, then click 'Install' (it takes a minute or so to install files and create the database)

Magento Setup Information

3. Welcome to your Magento installation!

Install Magento
Magento Admin panel

Magento and the application installer are available on all of our Linux Virtual Hosting packages.


* We can also offer a PCI scanning service for your server or website.

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