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Q: I am having problems sending mail and get a mail relay error?

A: Please see the following link. Open Relay.

Q: What payment methods do you support?

A: The payment methods vary depending on the service we supply. As a basic rule we try to choose payment methods that help keep our prices as low as possible. Smaller transactions are best paid via credit card or PayPal as these can automatically be taken via a panel (which saves a lot of time) and the fees we pay to the providers are percentage based so the cost to process each payment is very small. Larger transactions (Typically >£75 per month) can be paid by Direct debit as we pay a fee per transaction however one off transactions or annual payments greater than £250 can be paid by Bacs or Cheque if this is more convenient.

If you are unsure or have special circumstances (for example local authorities or charities/clubs) please contact us to discuss alternative options to the default payment methods.

Q: I cannot access my web mail account despite entering the correct username and password?

A: i) - Make sure that on your keyboard the Caps Lock is not on.

(ii) - Some internet ISP’s such as AOL or those operated by Internet Cafes have restrictions in place, which means that you will be unable to access you web mail. If you have the security settings on your web browser set to High then this also may restrict you from viewing your web mail. You will need to change this setting down to Medium or Low and then try again before reverting back to your original settings after you have accessed your mail.

Q: I can't see my website/can't download my email, is there a problem with your servers?

A: Before contacting us (please) check you have access to the internet. For example can you see or any other well known sites?

Yes - If you can, please use our support contact form or phone us if you are unable to access this page.


No - If you are unable to access other web sites then your problem is almost certainly due to your connection to the internet itself in which case if you use and have support from us please use our support contact form or phone us if you are unable to access this page.

If you do not use us for net access you will need to speak to the company that supplies this service to you. If you wish us to supply general support for a service that we do not supply to you we will try and assist but there will be a small charge to cover our time (typically around £12 for up to 20 minutes support).

Q: I have a problem with my ADSL/broadband connection, please can you help me?

A: If you purchased your ADSL through us then we will be able to provide some service level support. If you have purchased your ADSL through any alternative suppliers such as BT then we will not be able to provide any support for this and you will need to contact your supplier directly.

Q: I have just purchased a new domain name through yourselves but I cannot see my website yet?

A: New domain names (or changes to existing ones) can take up to 24 hours to “propagate” over the entire internet, sometimes a little longer.

This allows all main domain name servers to update their own records which could mean that you are unable to instantly see your web site or changes immediately.

Q: I want to transfer my hosting to you but am concerned that I will lose my email service for a while.

A: Provided your existing hosting company complies with your requests we can arrange transfer of mail and web in a way that minimises disruption to service. Please let us know if you require a seamless transfer. For more information click here.

Q: I have received a payment reminder, how can I view the invoice that this relates to?

A: If you are a virtual hosting customer you can login to your client portal and view any outstanding invoices from there by following the tutorials here.

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