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Set Up Guides - FTP General Information

There are only four things you need to enter to publish by FTP.

  1. FTP name (sometimes called Host-Name or Server Name).
    Purpose: Connects you to the right server on the Internet.
    The format we show in the web site connection settings is the same as the web address (i.e. but different software packages use slightly different formats there are four main options.
    i) (as we show on our connection sheet)
    Ultimately they all convert the name entered to the IP address (iv) but it depends on the software you use as to how it should be entered. Look at the examples they give (or read the instructions/guide/visit their website). Guides are also included in our members area for the most popular FTP software available.

  2. Initial Directory (Also called remote site, or remote folder).
    Purpose: Connects you to the right folder on the server.
    This is a requirement for hosting on NT/Windows 2k servers. The way the FTP software works is not the same as the web i.e. a host name connects you to the site itself, each ftp site has to have its own IP address so for normal sites there is a public root ftp site with Initial directories maping you to your own site. Dedicated IP addresses are also available if required POA.

  3. User name. (Security)
    Defines who you is trying to connect so permissions can be defined.

  4. Password. (Security)
    To check you are authorise to log in as the defined user name.


Thats it!

If you require any assitance, initially please refer to your FTP software instructions if you are still stuck or want us to check your FTP site, Contact support quoting referance 'FTPHELP44'.


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