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Home User Hosting Plans

Basic packages designed for personal sites or email only hosting. Suitable for users who wish to keep a domain solely for email, or to host a simple static website.

Server Resources (scroll down for more details)

Webspace N/A 1GB 3GB
Bandwidth (per month) N/A 6GB 10GB
FTP accounts N/A 3 5
POP3 & IMAP mail boxes 3 5 10
Spam filtering Spam filtering Spam filtering Spam filtering
Virus scanning Email virus scanning Email virus scanning Spam filtering

Payment Options (with equivalent monthly costs)

Monthly option £2.99* £3.99* £5.99*
Annual option £2.49* £3.33* £5.00*
Triennially option £2.24* £2.99* £4.49*
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Domains (Sites) 1 1 1
Domain aliases (pointing) N/A 3 5
Subdomains N/A 3 5
FTP accounts N/A 3 5
Webspace N/A 1GB 3GB
Bandwidth (per month) 2GB 6GB 10GB

.htm (html) N/A Yes Yes
(PHP v5.6, v7)
N/A No Yes

Advanced webstats (SmarterStats) per site N/A

Database manager N/A N/A Yes
MYSQL database (200MB) N/A N/A
Included db users per db N/A N/A 2

*Vat (tax)
All prices are charged at the VAT rate applicable to your country.

Choosing a hosting package - From the above you can see that we offer a comprehensive range of hosting options. You can either take a higher package which has more resources included or take a lower package and just add the extra features you require. Note that you get much more for your money by taking a higher hosting package as long as you are going to use the additional resources. The best option would be to compare both options. If you are unsure please feel free to contact us for advice.

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