Lockable Half Rack

Why choose a Lockable Half Rack with Host-IT?

  • Lockable Half Racks: Starting at 22U height and 1200mm deep
  • Versatile Power Options: Choose from 4 amps to 16 amps
  • Remote Switchable Power Strips: Included for 24/7 control
  • Enhanced Security: Combination lock for authorized access.
Engineer in data centre looking at lockable rack


Dedicated Secure Space

Our lockable racks provide you with your own dedicated secure space, exclusively for your equipment offering additional security.

Scalability and Flexibility

Easily scale your infrastructure as your business grows and adapt to changing requirements with our flexible service offerings.

Managed Connectivity

Opt for our resilient, fully managed internet connectivity with IPv4/6 allocation for quick provision, ensuring a reliable and fast connection.

Peace of Mind

ISO27001-accredited data centres secure your sensitive data and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Online Quotation

Service Selected

Location / Service

Physical Enclosure

Power Options

Actual usage rather than fused maximum, use the FULL amount selected.

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Please contact us for high power requirements in excess of the available options

Bandwidth Options

Un-contended and no hidden AUP so you can use the FULL amount selected.

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High quality multi-homed bandwidth (Transit) fully managed and using a wide range of high quality providers and direct peering points.

Customers are welcome to use any of the existing providers who are already onsite or one of their choosing. Our only charge for this will be for the internal x-connect(s). POA - please contact us.

We can offer various private point to point and backhaul only options from 10Mbs to 10Gbs either to key London data centres or UK/Worldwide data centres or via leased lines direct to individual premises.

Additional Options

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Please select how much back-up storage space you require (50GB minimum monthly commit)

Tours are normally conducted between 10am-4pm (Mon to Fri)

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Lockable Quarter Rack

From our first contact with Host-IT the whole on-boarding process was executed flawlessly. Their team invested considerable time and effort in understanding our requirement ensuring when we went to site to install our IT equipment everything was set up and ready to go.

Richard Drage, Managing Director of Proweb

We were delighted by the response of the team at Host-IT. The Host-IT tier 3 data centre in Birmingham is a fantastic location and we plan on using it for other clients moving forward.

Phil Thomas, Director of Strategic Alliances - ONEMS