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Cloud Rack Space


Build your own Cloud solution across multiple data centres using your own equipment by taking a combined rack solution from us.

We can provide you with rack space in two seperate data centres each with its own IP gateway but with combined IP transit and also an unlimited VLAN or MPLS circuit between them for replication/mirroring.

We can offer various sizes of rack space/power and fully managed IP transit however the following shows an example of a starter solution which which is based on half racks (22U) in each data centre and 1Gbs burst at each one with 10Mbs CDR combined and also a 100Mb/s unlimited and uncontended VLAN direct connection between them.

We can also supply fully managed failover firewalls between both sites and ability to provide private connectivity back to other cloud platforms.

Cloud rackspace structure

The complete solution shown above is available for just £850 + vat set up and £999 + vat per month. These prices include the physical racks the power and set up and even APC reboot PDU units at each location.

Many other configurations available. Please contact us for more information.


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