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MKDC-1 Data Centre Tour

Air-con Network

Cooling - Full under floor Computer Room Air Conditioning Systems (N+1). Designed to cope with the power capability of the modern data centre and a hot/cool aisle configuration.

CRAC control room
dry cooling pipework
Internal air handling units.
Control room for the air handling systems pumps (two in N+1 configuration with auto fail over). Dual circuit panel with primary and fail over invertors.
Dry coolers and external pipe work showing isolation valves which enable additional dry coolers to be added without affecting service.

For maximum efficiency we have invested in a solution which utilises 'free cooling' technology. This technology minimises the amount of power needed to cool the data centre and helps keep the data centre's carbon foot print to a minimum.

The technology uses chilled water (glycol mix) rather than gas as a heat transfer medium and although the installation costs for this type of system are considerably more than conventional DX systems it achieves substantial savings in power consumption and cooling capacity.

dry cooling pipe work 2
floor vents
air handling unit
Dry coolers and pipe work with primary and back up pumps in foreground.
Floor vents can be positioned so that cooling density is matched to load and positioned where it is needed.
Internal air handling units.
inside of cool isle
outside of cold air containment pod
doors of cold air containment pod
Cold air containment pods.
Cold Air Containment produces a more consistent temperature within the cold isle and also forces cold air through the racks and into the hot isle further assisting cooling. Cold Air Containment also helps reduce the power used by the data centre as the air handling systems work more efficiently when the hot and cold air is separated.

We have designed the initial suite to cope with the latest high density power requirements of a modern data centre to give massive cooling capacity.

At full capacity the Air con will be a £200k investment (just for a single suite).


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