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We design and operate our own
high specification data centres.


MKDC-1 Data Centre Tour

Connectivity Security

Adjacent to two main internet switch facilities!

We have mutiple diversely routed dedicated fibre connections linked directly to the adjacent switch facilities. These take separate routes and enter the data centre from opposite ends, approaching our main communications racks from opposite directions. Multiple routes extend from the switch room to diversly situated transit gateways. This facility is also directly connected to our Milton Keynes Data Centre.

# MPLS, VLAN and private point to point circuits.
If you need to get your data from one location to a specific location we can offer a vast range of options. This could either be a circuit which needs to go to another data centre either in the UK or overseas or direct to your own premises or as part of a national Ethernet solution. Circuits can range from 2Mbs up to 100Gbs via either Ethernet access circuits, dedicated fibre circuits or dedicated waves.

MPLS Networks

MPLS data centre network

Fibre has also been pre installed for additional customer MPLS circuits to help minimise the initial costs for customers wishing to have their own private point to point circuits into the data centre.


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