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Host-it UK Data Centres

We design and operate our own
high specification data centres.


MKDC-1 Data Centre Tour

Power Specification Air-con

We have a full specification power solution in place with automatic generator back up and high specification rack power distribution.

Hot bypass panels and some of the distribution boards. First on left is the bypass panel for the (AMF) auto changeover panel.
Internal plant room with Generators and on the far right the electronically operated metal shutters. We locate our generators internally for security and also reliability. A person is included to illustrate scale/size.
UPS - Enterprise level three phase modular UPS system with hot swap components and N+1 stacks and >N+2 invertors within each stack.

Two x 4000amps (3 phase) on site sub stations.


Hot bypass panels are included so that each element can be isolated from the system for replacement or repair without interrupting supply. We have also taken the unusual step of including a bypass for the main auto changeover panel for 'true' Tier 4 resilience.


Four Eaton enterprise level three phase UPS ' systems (N+1). Full manual bypass panels are installed so if needed the UPS systems can be isolated from the data centre without interruption of power.

Standby Generator

Located within the internal plant room with full automatic auto change over panel and sufficient fuel for at least 32 hours service (24/7-4hr fuel supplier is on contract). Hot fill pipe to an external secure fuel fill inlet. Metal shutters electronically open to allow air through the vented louvre if the generator is activated and exhaust is expelled from a separate louvre.

Changeover panel

The system has an auto changeover panel which automatically and seamlessly switches the power source from the mains to the generator in the event of a power failure and then back to mains supply once stable power is restored.

Rack power distribution

Each rack has two adjacent bus bars. Each bus bar is fed from a different distribution panel located at different ends of the data centre (ie power approaches the rack from two sources and from two different directions). We can also support custom and dedicated power feeds directly from the distribution panels.

Power capacity

Ample power is available if required (ie 16A/32A/48A per rack). We have also designed the data centre so that additional capacity can be added without affecting service.

NB: For feeds greater than 48amps per rack (ie dedicated 64amp or 2 x 64amp feeds) due to the cooling requirements an alternative rack enclosure would be required which is specifically designed for high density power solutions POA.

Plant Room.
Exhaust outlet for generator.


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