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Milton Keynes

MKDC-0 Data Centre Tour

Connectivity Security

The connectivity options at this data centre are substantial with various transit and dedicated circuit options available.

We have a good choice of fibre providers nearby and three of the major ones have a full physical presence (POP) within our Meet Me Rooms. Each provider has substantial fibre capacity available and at least two diverse routes into our facility each of which approach the site from a different direction. This means that each one can provide a single solution with guaranteed diverse routes or instead one route could be taken from each provider if the preference is to split circuit vendors.

NB: We have also taken the opportunity to lay our own secure ducts out to the site perimeter in several directions so if additional fibre is brought into the site from alternative providers the civil work within the site is already complete.

# Managed internet access.

We can offer our own Managed Internet access which utilises a range of Tier 1 providers and peering points connected via our own diversely routed MPLS backbone network.

This includes a DDoS Attack Mitigation service provided by an experienced third party provider who can utilise a variety of tools and techniques to mitigate an attack on the network, including scrubbing of attack traffic via a strategically located and globally distributed mitigation platform.

Within the facility we also have a number of other provider options available that can offer a wide range of Managed Internet Access options as well.

# MPLS, VLAN and private point to point circuits.

If you need to get your data from one location to a specific location we can offer a vast range of options. This could either be a circuit which needs to go to another data centre either in the UK or overseas or direct to your own premises or as part of a national Ethernet solution. Circuits can range from 2Mbs up to 100Gbs via either Ethernet access circuits, dedicated fibre circuits or dedicated waves.

MPLS Networks

MPLS data centre network


Our key on net providers are as follows.

# Provider 1 – GTT/Interoute

GTT/Interoute have a full physical POP within each of our Meet Me rooms which are linked to two diverse routes into/out of our data centre. They can offer diverse MPLS circuits and also dedicated fibre circuits from 10Mbs to 10Gbs and beyond. GTT/Interoute can also offer managed Internet access (multi-homed bandwidth) which they can offer direct from within the data centre either as an alternative or as well our own managed internet access giving our customers a provider independent alternative if they wish.

GTT/Interoute also operates a UK WAN, which connects more than 50 key data centre sites in London and across the South East of England. They can provide circuits and dedicated waves to either primary London/Docklands-based facilities for disaster recovery, back-up operations or as part of a national Ethernet solution.

The management and organisation of the diverse dig and every other aspect so far has been highly impressive so we are delighted with this choice and also the added options they can offer our customers.

# Provider 2 – BT OpenReach

A very obvious choice as connecting our facility direct to BT Openreach via two separate main exchanges gives us substantial connectivity options both locally and also nationally.

‘Locally’ because as a full CP (Communications Provider) ourselves we can deal direct with Openreach for local circuits at very competitive prices and ‘Nationally’ via BT Openworld or as circuit 'tails' with more or less any other provider if the provider in question prefers to use existing fibre or they do not have their own fibre nearby.

BT already had two separate fibre routes into the building from two separate main exchanges however they have performed extensive additional work in the immediate vicinity and back to each exchange introducing additional new large capacity fibre cables into the site.

NB: Each cable/route is capable of supporting at least 146 separate fibre cores. Each fibre core can support up to four circuits from 1Gbs to 10Gbs (ie up to 1168 x 10Gbs from Openreach alone).

# Provider 3 – CityFibre

CityFibre have built and operate a completely independent fibre network connecting up the UK as part of their Gigabit Cities programme. Milton Keynes became the very first Gigabit City to be added in 2019, so it made sense for CityFibre to have an “on net” presence served by physically diverse routes within our flagship Data Centre as part of the rollout.

With options of dark fibre through to managed point to point circuits, having CityFibre as a third provider with a network that is completely separate from other operators available in our Meet-Me-Rooms, gives our customers an increased range of connectivity options within our carrier neutral facility.


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