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Milton Keynes

MKDC-0 Data Centre Tour

Network Connectivity

N+N internal networks which are designed with maximum redundancy and performance in mind.

Click the following for a simplified version of the structure.

MPLS datacentre network

There are two separate meet me rooms each with its own fibre access paths and containing dedicated racks allocated to key fibre providers (key fibre providers are allocated a rack in each room).

Each Meet Me Room has its own core switch and the network from each Meet Me Room to the data halls takes a separate path. One network routes low level (Green network) entering each rack from below and other routes at high level (pink/purple network) and enters each rack from above.

N+N 'Meet Me' Rooms.
N+N Networks/Core switches
N+N cable paths to rack
Data Centre Meet Me Room
Cisco core switch
Data centre with secure network
Meet Me Room 1
(Green/Low level network)
Meet Me Room 1 Core switch
(Green/Low level network)
Low level network metal ducts between Meet Me Room 1 and Data Hall 1
Meet Me Room in datacentre
data centre with good network
Milton Keynes data centre high level notwork
Meet Me Room 2
(Pink/High level network)
Meet Me Room 2 Core switch
(Pink/High level network)
High level network cable trays in Data Hall 1 (From Meet Me Room 2). One of the fire rated cable pathways can be seen in the far corner of the room.

# External Network
You can find details of our external network in the Connectivity section of this tour.



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