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Milton Keynes

MKDC-0 Data Centre Tour

Power Specification Air-con

Tier 4 (N+N) power solution in place for maximum resilience.

N + N Plant Rooms.
N + N Generators.
N+N UPS rooms.
Data centre plant room - Orange feed
Data centre generator back up
Enterprise UPS system
Plant Room 1 - Orange Feed
Generator 1 (Outside)
UPS Room 2 - Blue Feed
Data centre plant room - Blue feed
Data centre N+N generators
UPS in Tier IV data centre
Plant Room 2 - Blue Feed
Generator 2 (inside)
UPS Room 1 - Orange Feed
NB: The above is for phase one only. Phase two will be additional plant rooms/Generators and UPS rooms running alongside the phase one power distribution structure.
Overall structure

Each element of the power from the raw HV supplies right down to the power distribution within the racks is separate to eliminate any single point of failure.

Click on the following to see a simplified overview of the power structure.

Tier 4 data centre power structure

If you prefer more detailed information further information is as follows;


# Main HV Supplies -
Two 4MW High Voltage diverse feeds to secure on site sub stations and power distribution buildings.

NB: Customer sub stations are normally situated within (green or brown) GRP enclosures located at the perimeter of a site however our sub stations are located within the site itself concealed within high security and anonymous brick/concrete enclosed buildings( including the roof!).

A and B ring main units with automation and new vacuum sealed HV switches (two for each power feed).

N+N HV transformers are fed from each HV supply and each transformer feeds separate N+N MV plant rooms.

# Standby Generators -
N+N with full automatic auto change over panels (connected but also independent) and sufficient fuel for at least 32 hours service (24/7-4hr fuel supplier is on contract).

# UPS Systems -
Two separate (N+N) Eaton enterprise level UPS systems operate in separate UPS rooms (One for each HV power supply).

Manual bypass/isolation panels are in place so the units can be bypassed/isolated if required.

We have also installed a UPS synchronization system so the output voltages can be balanced between each UPS system if required.


# Changeover panels
Each power supply/UPS system has an Auto change over panel which can automatically and seamlessly switch the power source from the mains supply to the generator in the event of a power failure and then back to mains supply once stable power is restored.

These work independently so if one main power supply were unavailable only this side would be transferred to Generator. In the event that both main feeds were down then both sides would be fed from generator(s).

# Distribution boards
Two complete sets of power distribution boards provide power from each power feed to the rack level bus bars (N+N) and also provide power to the air handling units ()

# Rack power distribution
Each rack has two adjacent high level bus bars. Each bus bar is fed from a different distribution panels. Removable tap off points attach to the bus bars enabling various different single or three phase power feed options to be installed. However as standard racks are configured for the following options:-

Standard Presentation
Full racks - 32A feeds.

Half racks - 16A feeds.

Quarter racks - 10A feeds.

We can also support custom and dedicated power feeds directly from the high level bus bars.

# Power capacity
Ample power is available if required (ie 32A/64A per rack).

32 amp racks in DC
data centre HV power room
High powered racks in T4 DC
N+N bus bars and interchangeable Tap off points directly above each rack.
On site HV sub station (concrete building) with N+N ring main units (diverse fed) and HV switches.
N+N PDU distribution available at rack level. Orange and Blue feeds.


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