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Milton Keynes

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Risk Assessment Build Blog

We complete fire risk assessments on a regular basis.

Detection and fire extinguisher units are tested and in place. Construction of the current buildings was completed in late 2006 so is built to recent fire regulations. An early warning fire detection system linked to the fire station is in place.

Additional info:
Nearest fire station: 1.5 miles.
Estimated time: 4 minutes.

We are not in a flood risk area nor are we located near any rivers or flood plains or areas that have experienced flooding which may present a problem in the foreseeable future. Environment Agency flood map.

We are also not located in a position that has experienced watershed flooding

Nearest major river: Not known
Distance: >4 miles.

We are not adjacent to any risks of this nature.

Vicinity risks.
No fuel storage depots or direct low flight paths or other risks have been identified in the vicinity.


Additional (light hearted risks.)

We have no known cases of this (to date) although tech support can look a little pale on Monday mornings.

Volcano's(Nearest active volcano's).
- Data centre
Latitude : 52.27660N
Longitude : 0.8778W

Hekla ,Iceland.
Latitude: 63.98N
Longitude: 19.70W
Distance: ~1683 km (~ miles)
Risk: Low.

Vesuvius, Italy.
Latitude: 40.82N
Longitude: 14.43E
Distance: ~1779 km (~ miles)
Risk: lower.

Overall a fairly low risk but please advise us if you are aware of any active volcano's in Buckinghamshire. #


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