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Milton Keynes

MKDC-0 Data Centre Tour

Security Fire Prevention

The facility was previously a purpose built data centre and payment processing centre for a major UK bank so the site itself occupies its own secure compound and already had some very useful security features.

However extensive upgrades have been performed to the security since we acquired the site. For example two new alarm systems have been added as well as two new CCTV recording systems (N+N) and also many of the CCTV cameras have been replaced or upgraded (in key areas). We have also replaced the older access control systems and added electric gates with anti tail gate for vehicles and also an advanced anti tailgating portal for visitors accessing the data hall areas

Electric f gates
Data secure data centre
High security racks in UK data centre
Electric gates
Anti Tail gate portal
70+ CCTV cameras.
CCTV monitoring picture
ISO27001 data centre
MKDC Access control image
CCTV Monitoring
ISO 27001 certificate and registration number (7137118).
Two way Access Control
NB: Not all of the security features have been included on this page.

Physical security, Electronic security, Surveillance, secure compound

- Secure compound with anti tailgate electronic vehicle gated access.

- External compound detection linked to an external 24/7 monitoring station.

- External site wide speaker system (remotely controlled) and linked to external CCTV.

- Secure parking within the perimeter for 130+ vehicles.

- All external doors are high security steel reinforced doors with dog bolts (LSI).

- No opening Windows throughout the facility and reinforced glass.

- Steel reinforced external walls.

- Extensive internal and external CCTV (70+ cameras on site).

- Advanced access control systems.

- Anti tailgate portal to data areas.

- Double door sanitized goods inward (two sets).

- Dual key holder and also Police response security systems.

- Auto arming systems based on inactivity within each data suite.

- Onsite and remote monitoring.

- ISO 27001 certified company/facility.

Fire Prevention

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