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Northampton Data Centre - Site A

NNDC-1 Data Centre Tour

Power Specification Ait-con

The data centre includes an enterprise level UPS and diesel based generator power solution. It has an auto changeover panel which automatically and seamlessly switches the power source from the mains to the generator in the event of a power failure and then back to mains supply once stable power is restored.

Bypass panels are also included which means that each element can be isolated from the system for replacement or repair without interrupting supply. Power to the data centre is an independent dedicated feed.

In addition each rack is independently connected back to the main fuse panel via it own independent armored cable.

UPS system.

Auto changeover panel

Bypass panel for UPS

Back up generator

More information

This is a 'state of the art' enterprise level UPS system operating at a minimum of N+2 redundancy. Most of the main elements are also 'hot swap able' (for example each inverter module is individually 'hot swapable'). In addition the whole system has a manual bypass panel so the system can be completely bypassed for major work or even complete replacement without interrupting power to the servers.

This has massive capacity so that in addition to the data centre itself it can power all the air conditioning and also our own offices ensuring that as well as the data centre our support department can also continue as normal in the event of a power outage.

A long run fuel tank is also installed giving at least 36 hours on a single tank. In addition we have a fuel supplier on 24/7 call out ensuring that we can run indefinitely if needed.



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