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MySQL Database Hosting

If you wish to use a database as part of your website one of the options we can offer is MYSQL.

Mysql is a powerful open source database solution and although initially it is not as user friendly as a desktop database such as MS Access it is powerful enough to compete with the power of MS SQL SERVER and at a fraction of the cost to purchase (Full blown MS SQL SERVER software is $8k+, MYSQL on Linux $0, MYSQL on Windows about £150) these savings can be passed on to offer a robust powerful solution at a fractionof the cost of SQL server.


Online admin panel

We can offer a comprehensive (but easy to use) admin panel that can display and edit all your MYSQL databases.

How much is it?

MySQL Server Std (200MB): £4.50 per month + vat (or £45 + vat per year)

~ Additional space is available at £1.50 + vat per month or £15 + vat per year for each addiitonal 50MB of space required.

How to order this:
First you need to order your hosting package, If you need to order a database this can be added as part of the sign up process (once your sign up has been vetted). Note that some plans include data base support as part of the plan. You can check this by looking at the plan detail page under the section called # Databases. If in doubt please contact us.

Don't forget that each sign up needs to be vetted so once you sign up wait for the confirmation message from us that your sign up has been accepted.

If you wish to use MySQL Server without ordering a hosting package you can sign up for a blank hosting plan for £5 per year and then follow the same instructions as above to purchase a data base and add it to the blank plan. If you wish to do this click here.

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