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Email Virus Checking and Spam Filtering

Virus Checking

Pretty much essential these days. Even if you run local anti virus software this is a recommended option as you can never have too much anti virus precautions in place.

Running multiple checks is useful as some infections may need your software to have that particular profile installed. So if you update on Tuesday and a new virus comes out on a Wednesday you could still become infected if you have not updated your profiles.

And if it is a new virus and your anti-virus company is not aware of it updating the profile may be of little use. One company may be quicker to include it than another.

Spam filtering

We offer a multi-tiered solution to give you the very best defence against unwanted email.

The gateway scans all email for obvious signs that the email is spam (see Mail process diagram 1b below). Each user also has a per user 'opt in' spam control panel that can be configured and trained to their own requirements which is accessed via the web mail panel.

We offer a state of the art solution allowing a server level admin panel for each pop account.

As we take the problem of spam seriously all panel controlled accounts come with a full 'opt-in' spam solution and virus protection regardless of the hosting package.

Performance: Online admin panel with statistics/reports on spam filtered etc.

Training - Select for each account how you wish the filtering to train (yes you can train it if it makes a mistake!)

Action - Select what you want it to do if it detects an email as spam. ie Quarantine the email server side, Tag the email with a message header reference and sent it to you (For example ***SPAM***) so you can sort it locally.

Training Sensitivity - select how sensitive you want it to be whilst training from 11 levels.

Alerts: False positive alerts are alerts designed to highlight any messages in quarantine whose headers match the text in the alert. It is a safeguarding measure to help identify potential false positives.
Spam Quarantine: View message online that have been sent to the quarantine (the spam solution will learn if a genuine one end up here by mistake and you correct it).

Pretty graphs showing activity and spam 'vs' non spam messages:

History: View recent activity log.


More information

The following gives a visual guide to how we process email showing the complete processes.

Mail process diagram 1b

All this included, for every email account you set up! (If you need it)

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