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PHP Live! Support - Live chat with website visitors

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With a permanent connection (ie ADSL) you can monitor how many people are on your site, how long they have been there, where they have come from and what pages they have visited and which page they are on at that moment!

How many people are on you site at this moment.

They can can click a button to chat in real-time with you or you can instigate a chat with them. Once you are connected you can send images, web and email links and even open browser windows for them.

What page are they on, what is their IP address and where
have they come from (ie search engine).

Back-end. This performs like an online call centre with multiple operators, multiple departments, scoring so the best personnel get the call first and the ability to add stored phrases and commands. Full reporting on operator performance and conversations is also included.

We have a dedicated server to run this solution.

Think of the possibilities for an ecommerce site! (We use it.)

0-5 operators Additional operators
£75 per year+ vat £15 per year each + vat
Initial setup/instalation or upgrades: £15 + vat

Plus the purchase of the software which can be made direct (Unless you already have it).
Click here
to purchase it direct

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