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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Windows servers

We can offer a wide range of Windows dedicated servers and Linux dedicated servers. If you are unsure as to the best optionfor your specific requirements, please contact us for a 'suggested solution'.

For maximum performance and reliability we run our
own 'on site' datacentres so you can be sure that you are
dealing direct with a company who supplies the whole service.

Dedicated Servers
Contract Subscriptions

Windows Servers
From £48.75 pm
Lease a 'ready to go' server running your choice of operating system, pre installed with the software you require. Training also available if required.
Payment via card/PayPal

Dedicated Servers
Pay As You Go

Linux Servers
From £59.96 pm
Lease a full specification Windows or Linux Dedicated Server on a "Pay As You Go" basis. No contract to sign and monthly terms available. Payments fully automated via Debit/Credit Card or PayPal.

Backup / Storage Servers

Backup Servers
From £210.42 pm
Servers with much larger storage potential, ideal for off site backup applications. Custom specifications also available.

Redundant / Cluster Solutions

Redundant Solutions
Call us for pricing
We can offer various high availability and load balanced solutions using clustering, cloud or failover technology. Our multiple data centres let us provide multi-geographic failover solutions. POA.


FROM £39.58

These are ideal for customers that require a dedicated server level of performance, but at a slightly cheaper price. These servers are fully guaranteed and tested by our team of engineers

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What is a dedicated server?
A dedicated server is an individual machine that is used solely by a single customer. This should not be confused with a virtual dedicated server which uses software to allow multiple customers to control a portion of the machine.

We have come across quite a few people that have been misled by this and think they have the power of a dedicated server but they actually have a fancy admin panel for a shared server. Make sure you check this before you compare! With the reduction in dedicated server costs there is very little reason to take this route now anyway.

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