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Office Server (Tower/PC Case) Open Rack Hosting

Tower/PC Case Server

PC Tower Server and Rack Space Server
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Rackmount Server

PC Tower Server and Rack Space Server
Unsuitable for Open Rack Hosting  No
  • Host/colo your Office Server in our datacentre
  • Secure data hall designed specifically for Office Servers
  • Ideal for home working solutions

Advantages of hosting your server in a full spec data centre:-


The quality of connectivity within a datacentre gives higher performance (latency), capacity, contention and resiliency than that of a standard office broadband connection.


A datacentre provides enhanced backup power with feeds protected by UPS and generator as well as multiple aircon units maintaining a constant cool temperature – the best infrastructure to keep your equipment running.


Datacentres are designed to be extremely secure buildings with multiple layers of both physical and electronic security measures in place.

Onsite hardware and software support:-

If you have an issue with your equipment then either your own technicians can attend site to effect repairs or alternatively we have engineers available who can provide remote hands assistance when required.

Dedicated suites designed specifically for Office rather than rack mounted servers:-

In a data centre, servers are almost always rackmount and as a result the cooling and power is designed specifically for this type of equipment. This does not suit equipment designed to operate in a normal office (cooled by normal office aircon). NB: Obviously if your office server is rack mount we can also accommodate this too.

Next steps

If you have office server equipment that you are looking to colo then you can either obtain an Online Quote from options below or if you need more information and to talk to us about your specific requirements, then please Contact Us.

Open Rack COLO (Tower/PC Case servers)

Server size Set up Monthly
Online Quotation
Midi tower (open rack) in Bletchley £39.95 £24.95 Quote/Configure
Large tower (open rack) in Bletchley £39.95 £27.95 Quote/Configure
Midi tower (open rack) in Northampton £29.95 £24.95 Quote/Configure
Large tower (open rack) in Northampton £29.95 £29.95 Quote/Configure

Alternatively, if you feel that your Office Server is due a refresh, then rather than buy new hardware, we can also offer a range of leased dedicated servers hosted in our datacentres, including Microsoft licensing, along with alternative hosted “home working” solutions.


VAT charged where applicable.

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