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RS-50551-MK0 Dedicated Server

Recycled Servers

Please use the following form to customise your server, the total price is displayed at the bottom of the form.

If you are unsure of any details, or require assistance in configuring your solution please Contact Us. Our sales team will be happy to help.



Hard Drive(s):
2x AMD Opteron 6376 16 Core @ 2.0GHz
2x 480GB SSD (H/W RAID 1)
4x 300GB SAS 15K (H/W RAID 5/6/10)


Operating System Please select which operating system you wish to be installed on your server.


Bandwidth(i) Un-contended and no hidden AUP so you can use the FULL amount selected.





Server Management

Additional Options

Price All prices are nett of VAT (if applicable)

Minimum Contract Term gives a monthly discount of:
Total of all above options:

Request :

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Question/message :
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The above quotation is designed to itemise each aspect of the service so that we can provide a custom quotation based on your exact requirements. This also enables you to see exactly how the price is calculated and the financial implications of the options you select.

Note that power, bandwidth, back up and IP's can be upgraded later if required so you only need to select your immediate requirements.


Please click here for further information on the bandwidth types available and overusage rates.

Alternative options - If you need something different then we can also offer a vast range of other custom options which are similar to the various options we offer our rack space and colocation customers. These not only include general internet access options for example CDR based billing options but also various dedicated connection or back haul circuits. For example MPLS based private circuits to industry specific London based service providers or private leased line connections to your own offices or other data centres worldwide. Please contact us for more details.

NB: All connections are full duplex and are not contended.

** IPv4 Addresses:

Any request which requires in excess of four IPV4 Addresses (whether additional or included in the base price ) is subject to Ripe approval and completion of their IP assignment form. Note that we must wait for Ripe to process the request, this typically takes around seven days.

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