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Pay As You Go Servers

Payment by card/PayPal

Lease a full specification Windows or Linux Dedicated Server on a "Pay As You Go" basis. No contract to sign and monthly terms available.

Our own UK Data Centres and Staff Flexible Term (From 1 Month)
Reliable Intel® Hardware Fully Automated Billing
24/7 Hardware Support for Critical Issues Rapid Setup

Pay As You Go

per month

Pay As You Go

per month

Pay As You Go

per month

Pay As You Go

per month

Setup Cost   £35.00   £40.00   £45.00   £50.00
Processor   1.6GHz Intel
2 Core (1x2)
  2.5GHz Intel Core i3
2 Cores (1x2)
  3.0 GHz Intel Xeon
4 Cores (1x4)
4 Threads
  3.8 GHz Intel Xeon
4 Cores (1x4)
8 Threads
Memory   6GB   8GB   16GB DDR4 ECC   32GB DDR4 ECC
Storage   1x 500GB SATA
  2x 500GB SATA 7.2k
(RAID 1)
  2x 240GB SSD
  2x 240GB SSD
2x 2TB SATA 7.2k
(2x RAID1)
Port Speed   100mb/s   100mb/s   100mb/s   100mb/s
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Payment/Contract Term: (with equivalent monthly cost)
Monthly   £79.95   £99.95   £125.00   £179.95
3 Month   £76.62   £95.79   £119.79   £172.45
6 Month   £73.29   £91.62   £114.58   £164.96
12 Month   £66.63   £83.29   £104.17   £149.96
24 Month   £63.29   £79.13   £98.96   £142.46
36 Month   £59.96   £74.96   £93.75   £134.96


SPECIAL OFFER RECYCLED SERVERS FROM £39.58 per month. Click here for more information.


- Note that 32bit operating systems will only be able to utilise a maximum of 4GB of RAM so a 64 bit OS may be needed to utilise the RAM specified for servers with more than 4GB.

Windows Server 2008/2012 OS Licencing

As from September 2012, Microsoft have withdrawn Windows Server 2008 Web Edition and Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition licences under the SPLA licence reporting scheme which we operate under. These have been replaced by Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition or Windows Server 2012 Datacentre edition licences although we can still provision and licence their 2008 equivalents i.e. Windows 2008 Server Standard Edition.

Windows Server 2008/2012 Standard Edition - - £12.75 + vat p/m
Windows Server 2008/2012 Datacenter Edition - - £96.05 + vat p/m

We can offer various other Microsoft Licence options and are happy to provide advice on the solution best suited to your requirements.


MS SQL Server 2008/2012 Core Licensing
Please note that from 1st April 2012, along with the launch of MSSQL 2012, Microsoft have changed the way they licence MS SQL 2008 and 2012 versions from a “per processor” model to a “per CPU core” model. 

This means that the number of software licences that are required depends on how many CPU’s the server (where MSSQL is to be installed on) is using and how many core’s each CPU has i.e. Dual (2) core, Quad (4) core or Hex (6) core.

Each MSSQL licence covers 2 cores however Microsoft have stipulated that a minimum of 2 licences must be reported for a Dual core CPU (the same as a Quad core CPU).

Pricing as follows (based on a minimum of 2 licences being required per CPU):-

MS SQL Server 2008/2012 Express Edition – Free
MS SQL Server 2008/2012 Web Edition - £9.53 + vat p/m per licence*
MS SQL Server 2008/2012 Standard Edition - £113.67 + vat p/m per licence*
MS SQL Server 2008/2012 Enterprise Edition - POA
Compare Versions

The new Core licencing only applies to MSSQL Web edition, Standard edition and Enterprise edition 2008/2012. Workgroup edition 2008 is being discontinued which is expected by the end of 2012 (there is no 2012 version of Workgroup edition) and this is being replaced by Web or Standard edition (dependent on how the database is accessed and what functionality is needed).

We also offer MSSQL user (SAL) licencing for MSSQL Standard edition. Please contact us for more details.

*VAT Charged where applicable.

(#) Vat charged where applicable.
(^) Specification - This is the minimum so actual hardware may be slightly higher specification depending on availability.
  Minimum period 12 months.

Fully and part managed servers.

If you need us to part manage your server we would be happy to do this at the following discounted rates:

Plan Price/month Hours per month.
Managed-1 £49+vat One
Managed-2 £90+vat Two
Managed-3 £127.50+vat Three
Managed-4 £156+vat Four

The above rates are based on 9am to 6pm Monday-Friday support (excluding bank holidays). For 9am-midnight support add 25%. 365-24/7 support POA.

Fully managed server options are also available starting at £75+vat per month (based on up to three web sites running on the server and no root/admin access needed).

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred to or from your web site. Click Here for more information on this.

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