Virtual Hosting SLA - V1.2
(May 2005 onwards)


Before 2005 we were asked on a number of occasions why we didnt publish an SLA. The reason was that when you read the small print the amount you get back is normally very small compared to the disruption your web site/email being down would cause. 99% uptime also sounds really good until you realise that this is actually over three and a half days down-time per year!< So in reality when you read the small print they are not as good as they first appear. However, we were asked so we have looked at other companies offers and based on them we decided to offer our own SLA but at 100%. But please read the following very carefully because our own SLA comes with similar restrictions.

Much much more importantly if there is a problem for whatever reason, you can rest assured that we will put 110% into resolving it as soon as possible.

This to us is much more important. Details of our SLA is as follows.

Service Level Agreement - 100% network up-time

Virtual and dedicated hosting.
This SLA is applicable for all GOLD and above virtual hosting packages.

NB: A similar SLA applies to dedicated, colo and rack space services, full details of this are included in the formal agreement/contract.

Where availability to the internet of the server is less than 100% permitted in any calendar month known as "down-time". At the Customer's request, for each hour of qualifying service interruption in any calendar month, the customers account shall be credited for the pro-rata charges for one day of the monthly fee for the service to a maximum of 50% of the total amount payable in that month excluding any additional bandwidth prices.

Definition of down-time.
Consists of any period where the connection to the server is unavailable to the internet for a period in excess of 5 minutes from being advised of the problem via a qualifying method (see below). This is to allow for reboots or in the case of virtual hosting to install operating system upgrades or critical updates or to restore service but is limited to three per day per server as a maximum. In the event that the problem is not resolved within the above period (five minutes) any claim can be for the total time the service was unavailable (including the initial five minutes).

This SLA excludes individual services such as com objects, database availability and specific script support.

Down-time does not include Scheduled Maintenance or any unavailability resulting from the Customer's applications, equipment, or facilities, or code. nor any 3rd party use of the Service authorized by the Customer nor other circumstances beyond our control (ie Force Majeure, war, civil disorder, industrial disputes, inclement weather, acts of central government or failure by other 3rd party service providers).

Qualifying contact methods.
In order to qualify customers must report an outage to Host-itâ„¢ via an appropriate method which for virtual services is < via your online billing panels ticket system. In the event that the ticket system was unavailable at the time and the contact was by phone or other means we will instead work from the point our own monitoring systems detected a problem (we have both local and remote monitoring for most aspects and performance of each server which should notify us by email and sms of any unavialability or reduction in performance).

Claims must then be made in writing within 30 days via fax or to our trading address including the ticket number.

Uptime guide.


Downtime Per Year

90%876 hours
95%438 hours
99%87 hours, 36 minutes
99.5%43 hours, 48 minutes
99.9%8 hours, 45 minutes, 36 seconds
99.99%52 minutes, 33 seconds
99.999%5 minutes, 15 seconds
99.9999%      32 seconds
100% 0