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Proxy Server Software

Network Internet HandlerCProxy Server provides multiple user access to the Internet via a single connection source.

Windows 95, 98, NT, ME & 2000
Minimum Server Specification:
Pentium P75 or 100% Compatible
16 MB RAM, 20 MB Free Disk Space
Windows 95, 98 or NT 4 Service Pack 4
Network Configured with TCP/IP
An Internet Connection

You have the control
How do you provide the access your users require whilst remaining confident that your resources will not be misused?

CProxy Server is a Windows based (95/98 and NT4) software solution that provides a single point of contact between your network and the Internet. Essentially, CProxy removes your office-based machines from direct contact with the outside world and creates an additional level of security and control known as a 'firewall'.

Your CProxy Administrator can also schedule access times to the Internet on a per user, workgroup  or on a global basis.

Comprehensive Feature Set
CProxy provides access to all the important Internet facilities such as HTTP (the World Wide Web), NNTP (newsgroups), Telnet, POP3 (incoming email), SMTP (outgoing email), SOCKS5, FTP and others.

Faster Page Serving

CProxy Server Window

Through a highly intelligent page caching system, CProxy speeds  up access to to commonly used web sites. Web pages are automatically stored in the server's cache when a user visits a website. The next time a request is made for that page it is served directly from the server's cache - an almost instant delivery as opposed to the irritating wait normally associated with online connections.

Content/Site Filtering
CProxy provides your Network Administrator with a powerful highly flexible tool for controlling and monitoring the kind of web content that finds its way onto your system.

Undesirable material can be filtered in any number of ways by means of easy to follow dialogue windows and multiple-choice buttons.

Your system Administrator can also see which user has accessed what sites and when.

Content/Site Filtering Window

CProxy provides professional level security and control within the convenience of Window's point and click environment.

Use Restriction
See Schedule connection manager

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CMail Server is a POP3 and SMTP Email server for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT

Virus Control
CMail Server scans messages and attachments using the most popular anti-virus packages such as F-Prot, McAfee and Norton AV.

Auto Signature
Auto signatures all the administrator to append a standard disclaimer or other text to the bottom of any message handled by CMail.

Web Interface
CMail 2.4 features an enhanced web interface mail client that includes the addition of public and private address books. Users can send email through a web browser without the need for an additional mail program such as Outlook.

Collection via POP3
CMail can collect mail from the Internet using the SMTP or POP3 protocol.

MX Resolution
CMail can operate independently of an upstream STMP server by interrogating DNS servers to enquire which server handles the mail for the domain you are attempting to contact.

Anti-Spam Features
Communications can be filtered for spam emails before system resources are used to process the body of the message.

NT Users Database Integration
Under Windows NT, CMail can be set to check logins against the NT database. Valid NT names and passwords automatically generate a new mailbox where one does not already exist.

Mail Queue Administration
Queued messages can be displayed, deleted and sent manually. day and hour periods for mail exchanges can also be set.

Mail Batching
Mail can be queued and sent in batches rather than connecting each time on a message by message basis.

Integration with Windows Remote Access (RAS)
Once a dial-up networking connection us set up, the connection can be imported and used by CMail. Connections are also possible via router/LAN or Computalynx SCM.

Moderated Mailing Lists
Email addresses cab be grouped for mail merging and for moderation of message content.

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