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Internet Connection Manager

Network Schedule Connection ManagerControl the network users access to internet connection / email.

Windows 95, 98, NT, ME & 2000
Minimum Server Specification:
IBM PC DX2-66 or 100% Compatible
16 MB RAM, 20 MB Free Disk Space
Windows 95, 98 or NT 4 Service Pack 3
Network Configured with TCP/IP
An Internet Connection

SCM or Schedule Connection Manager is a program designed to provide seamless Remote Access connectivity for Cmail and Cproxy Internet
applications. The software provides a unique scheduling ability whereby a Network Administrator can specify on a half hour block basis, the time
periods within which these applications can connect to the Internet.

SCM Window

SCM integrates perfectly with the Remote Access Services of Windows 95, 98 and NT ensuring simple configuration and compatibility with all Windows supported dialup devices such as modems and ISDN cards.

SCM allows the use of multiple profiles. A school for example, may wish to deny all access to the Internet during a holiday period and therefore, a different schedule profile would be required.

Key Features of SCM;

  • Manages all timed connections from CMail and CProxy.
  • Easy to use and configure, requires no maintenance.
  • Complete week by week control, to 30 minute intervals.
  • Runs in the System Tray when minimised.
  • Includes user restrictions.
  • Full control over auto dial features.
  • Runs as a service under Windows 95 or Windows NT.
  • Extensive recovery for failed or busy connections.

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