Complaints code of practice

Nuco Technologies Ltd - Customer Complaints Code of Practice

  1. Nuco Technologies Ltd – Company details

    Nuco Technologies Limited is an ISO27001 certified company registered in England (Company number 04470751) and operates its own data centres in the UK selling a full range of internet services.

    “Host-IT™ Internet Solutions”, ”Computalynx”, “4surehosting”, “Skynet”, “Perfect Hosting” and “Pinbrook” and "ServeYou" are all examples of trading names of the above company.

  2. What is the Purpose of this Code of Practice?

    Over the years, Nuco Technologies Ltd has prided itself on offering very high levels of service and support and a lot of our business is gained through recommendations given by our customers who have experienced this first hand for themselves. However, despite our best endeavours, there may be an occasion where we haven’t been able to reach these high levels that a customer would expect from us.

    If you're unhappy with the service you've received from us, please tell us and we will do all we can to resolve the matter quickly and satisfactorily for you.

    This code is to inform customers of our internal complaints procedure and what further steps are available if they believe their initial complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily.

  3. Internal Complaints Procedure

    In the event that you need to make a complaint then please contact our Support Department directly by raising a support ticket from within your billing panel ( detailing what you believe to not have received from the agreed terms of service of the product you have chosen. Your complaint will be responded to within 3 working days.

    Our support department will always try to resolve the matter during your first contact but if you are still not satisfied then they will confirm that the request has been passed to an Account Manager who will respond within 2 working days.

    If after this you are unsatisfied with the way the Account Manager has handled your complaint then please put your complaint to us in writing, quoting your name (if personal account) or the company name and a summary of the issues you have experienced. This should be sent to the following address:

    Customer Complaints
    Nuco Technologies Ltd
    1 Brick Close,
    Kiln Farm,
    Milton Keynes,
    MK11 3JB,
    Upon receiving this receipt, we shall formally respond in writing to you within a maximum of 3 working days, giving our final position on the issue.

  4. Alternative Dispute Resolution Arrangements

    The following Alternative Dispute Resolution Arrangements (ADR) only applies to communication products offered by Nuco Technologies Ltd (for example Telecom, VOIP and Broadband) and can only be used by Domestic and Small Business Customers (as defined in General Condition 14.7 of the OFCOM code) who use such services (provision of Public Electronic Communications Services as defined in the General Conditions of Entitlement of the OFCOM code. Please contact OFCOM (Office of Communications) for further details:-

    In the event that you have followed our complaints procedure as described above and are still not satisfied with our written response and we have not been able to resolve your complaint after 8 weeks of you initially raising it with us (or less if we agree that we have reached a stalemate), then after this period has passed you may formally request that we send you a letter confirming that we have been unable to resolve the matter (this is known as a deadlock letter).

    Upon receipt of such letter you must decide within 8 months if you wish to refer the issue to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Company (ADR Company). The ADR Company will investigate complaints which you believe that we have been unable to resolve to your satisfaction – they will listen to both sides of the story and to the facts. The ADR Company will review your complaint independently and their final decision will be honoured by Nuco Technologies Ltd.

    Nuco Technologies Ltd are members of Ombudsman Services: Communications – previously known as Otelo (“The ADR Company”) who are an OFCOM approved arbitrator. The service provided by Ombudsman Services: Communications is free and is a straightforward and fast alternative to legal action. The Arbitrator will encourage you to use our complaints resolution process as documented above and may refer you back to ourselves if they feel that all avenues have not been completely explored, you have not followed our Complaints Procedure or the type of dispute or company in dispute is ineligible for an ADR decision.
    Further information and contact details for Ombudsman Services: Communications can be found on their website:-
    If you would like further information on the role of the Arbitrator, please contact us directly or you can visit the OFCOM website,

  5. Complaints about this Code of Practice

    If you believe we have failed to meet our commitments regarding our complaint handling activities, please contact the following with full details of your complaint. Note that we can only respond to correspondence to this address once the above procedures have been followed.
    Complaints Escalation Dept
    Nuco Technologies Ltd
    1 Brick Close,
    Kiln Farm,
    Milton Keynes,
    MK11 3JB,

  6. General Disclaimer

    Nuco Technologies Ltd takes great care to ensure that this document is correct and updated when necessary, but accepts no liability for any error or omission therein. Nuco Technologies Ltd’s products and services are continually under development, and for this reason published information may sometimes not be fully up to date.
    Please therefore check the latest situation by visiting our web site(s) via

Latest revision - April 2014