IP Allocation Terms

Nuco Technologies Ltd t/a Host-itâ„¢ Internet Solutions

IP Address Allocation Terms and Conditions
(Dedicated Server/Colocation/Rack space Customers)


  1. Nuco Technologies Ltd (Nuco) - IPv4 & IPv6 Resource Assignments
  2. Customers own IP Addresses

1. Nuco Technologies Ltd (Nuco) - IPv4 & IPv6 Resource Assignments

All IP resource assignments made to Customers by Nuco are issued within the rules and guidance of RIPE NCC and remain the sole and permanent property of Nuco, to be used exclusively on equipment provided or hosted by Nuco and/or in respect of services provided by Nuco and/or connections to the network of Nuco. The Customer acknowledges that it has no rights of ownership to all such IP addresses.

In the event that the Customer is in breach of any terms contained within this agreement, or the Customer's service has been suspended for another reason, any IP addresses allocated to it by Nuco may be invalidated until such breach has been remedied to the satisfaction of Nuco and the Customer's service has been restored. Nuco will make every effort to preserve the existing IP allocation during this period however cannot guarantee that the same IP addresses will be reallocated to the Customer in such circumstances.

If a Customer cancels its services/agreement with Nuco or Nuco terminates the services/agreement for any other reason the Customer acknowledges that it may not retain the IP addresses previously used during its relationship with Nuco and that Nuco may reclaim and re-issue these IP addresses to other Customers.

Customers who assign or reallocate IP addresses to their own clients or Customers remain responsible for the IP allocation terms and conditions set out in this agreement, and ensure that such Customers or clients maintain accurate records of assignment that Nuco may be able to access at its reasonable convenience.

All IP addresses are allocated by Nuco on the basis of the Customer's requirements at the time of service order placement. Due to IPv4 exhaustion, Customers should only request IPv4 allocations based on their initial requirements. Depending on the volume of IP's required, the request, at Nuco's discretion, may be subject to successful completion and return of an IP justification form. Where the allocation request cannot be justified then a smaller allocation will be supplied which is in line with the type of service being taken. If any allocation of IP addresses is found to have been made based on false information being supplied, Nuco may invalidate the allocation. Clients are able to order more IP's when required which may be subject to additional justification. Nuco do not guarantee that additional IP's will come from the same range/block as the original assignment.

Nuco forbids the "hoarding" of IPv4 addresses and reserves the right to reduce the IP addresses allocated to a Customer if such allocation is, in the reasonable opinion of Nuco, underutilised or ineffectively used by the Customer or the Customer's use is not in compliance with the rules and guidance of RIPE NCC.

Nuco has assigned IP address blocks for different types of services (dedicated server/colocation/rack space). If a Customer chooses to change the type of service being taken (i.e. dedicated to colocation or colocation to rack space), their original IP allocation may be taken back and a new IP allocation assigned. Different IP address ranges may also be given depending on which physical data centre the service is being taken at.

Due to IPv4 address exhaustion, it is likely that IP allocations issued to Customers may include IP's that have been previously used by other Customers and/or Internet Service Providers. Because of this, there is a remote possibility of an IP address being on a blacklist from historical abuse. The Customer acknowledges that this is possible and they should perform their own checks/tests prior to using the IP allocation in a live environment. Should any issues be encountered then this must be reported via Support Ticket so it can be investigated. Depending on the size of allocation, Nuco will either request the IP be removed from the blacklist(s) in question OR may provide an alternative IP.

2. Customers own IP Addresses

Customers may wish to use their own PI (Provider Independent) or their own PA (Provider Aggregatable) resources to be announced on Nuco's network/connectivity and used with dedicated server/colocation/rack space services taken. Where a Customer is utilising their own PA space the Customer must be an active and registered LIR (Local Internet Registry) with the RIPE NCC and listed on the RIPE NCC members list:- https://www.ripe.net/membership/indices/

All IP resources owned by Customers that they wish to be announced must be specified in writing on letterhead paper or via Support Ticket raised from within the Customers' Online Portal and once approved, Nuco shall be authorised to publish the Customer's IP resources on the Customer's behalf. All Provider Independent IP addresses will remain the property of the Customer at all times and, save as authorized, Nuco shall have no rights whatsoever in respect of those IP addresses.

Should the Customer cancel its services/agreement with Nuco then Nuco will cease to announce and route those IP addresses across its network/connectivity. While Nuco will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Customer's own IP addresses are accepted and routed by all upstream ISPs, Nuco cannot guarantee global reachability for Customer-owned IP addresses.

Customers should make reasonable efforts to ensure any RIPE NCC database information is kept up to date including but not limited to Abuse contact information, routing information and contact details. Customers should also ensure that any announcements are registered within a common Routing Registry such as the RIPE NCC RIR or RADB.

It is a reasonable expectation of Nuco that all Provider Independent IP addresses and IP prefixes provided by Customers are valid and by notifying Nuco of all such Provider Independent IP addresses and IP prefixes for the provision of services by Nuco the Customer warrants that all such addresses and prefixes are valid and owned by or validly allocated to the Customer. It is a Customer's responsibility to ensure that it is properly authorised to use all IP addresses supplied via other providers. All addresses will be checked against RADB or Ripe by Nuco before announcement.